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silages1Alternative Silages

Get maximum value from home produced feeds.

The Alternatives:

  • Lupins
  • Peas
  • WholeCrop
  • Sorghum
  • Maize
  • Crimped Wheat
  • Brewers Grains

Cow ForageEach farm is different in its ability to grow forages. Factors which affect your choice of forage are:

  • Location of land relative to farm
  • Soil type
  • Rainfall
  • Temperature
  • Day length
  • Availability of labour
  • Availability of machinery/contractors
  • Storage facilities
  • Feed-out facilities
  • Availability of capital

Evaluate each crop on whether it fits into your farm system, it may be that you end up with too much work to do at a particular time of year.

Kingshay Alternative SilagesThis Workshop will help you:

  • Discover which silages are right for you
  • Develop cropping plans
  • Get maximum value from home feeds, proteins and concentrates
  • Feed optimum rumen health

The workshop runs from 10.45am - 3pm (lunch included) and is open to all dairy farmers and staff. Morning discussions and on farm after lunch.

If you are interested call Kingshay on 01458 851 555 for details of events.