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May 2024



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At Kingshay . . .

Richard organised a very successful meeting of the ‘European Dairy Farmers – UK Club’ in Cheshire on the theme ‘Dairying Systems for a Volatile Market’.  The meeting included visits to three progressive dairy farms with very different systems, with all farmers willing to share and discuss their results from the EDF costs of production evaluation.  There was also a presentation from Muller Wiseman and a lively evening discussion on the merits of different systems.  Many thanks to all the farmers and speakers involved.
We’ve had an excellent response to the ‘Cows In or Out’ survey with over 400 surveys returned.  We are in the process of evaluating the results for the forthcoming report.  Many thanks to all of you who took the time to complete the survey.

Tom has been travelling all over judging the finalists of the LKL ‘Team of the Year’ award. He has been very impressed with the high standards.

Nitrate Levels in Grass Farming Note

Grass is one of the cheapest forages, and optimal use within your system will reduce milk production costs.  Be aware though that high nitrate levels in grass can cause a drop in milk production, poor silage fermentation and can even in rare circumstances lead to cattle death. With the grazing and cutting season fast approaching, it is worth understanding the conditions that can lead to high nitrate levels in grass.

Kingshay’s Summer Turnip Trial Results

Turnips can be a valuable alternative forage, particularly in dry summer periods.  In 2014, Kingshay trialled 5 turnip varieties to compare dry matter production, energy & protein yields and grazing preference.


Benefit from our independent research – all our mixtures are based on results from our grazing preference trials, by selecting high performing varieties and testing with commercial dairy cows.

Increase milk yields by up to 2 litres per cow per day by reseeding with Kingshay’s quality grass seed grazing and cutting mixes.

To discuss your needs and get our best prices, including our 5% off for orders over 25 acres, please give us a call on 01458 851 555 or email