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July 2021



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Cubicle Modifications dairy insight

Having spent time assessing how well the cows use your cubicles (see  Cubicles - what do your cows want? sent to you in May) it is vital to adjust them to suit your cows. This dairy insight explores how making small adjustments, which cost very little will make a huge difference to how cows use your cubicles, resulting in cleaner and healthier cows. Low-cost solutions to high-cost problems!



Grassland Soil pH dairy insight

Soil health and fertility are fundamental to livestock producers, in order to maximise grass growth. The pH status of a soil plays a hugely important  role with forage growth and the nutrient content of the plant. Incorrect pH will affect the availability of soil nutrients. This can result in lower forage yield, reduced intakes and potentially poorer quality forage.

In this dairy insight we look at; what pH is, the causes of pH decline, problems resulting from an incorrect pH and how to achieve a target pH in your grassland soil.


Kingshay Health Manager

If you can measure it, you can improve it.

Health Manager is available as part of the Dairy Manager Premium Package or as a stand alone service. Providing you with a clear overview your herd’s health, allowing a more targetted approach to link herd health issues to cow performance. Quarterly Health Reports for mastitis, fertility and lameness are accompanied by calf, cull and replacement reports and a longevity report. Completing the package is a Farm Assurance Measures summary of data complying with your farm assurance audit.

For further information please contact the Dairy Manager Team at Kingshay on 01458 851555 or

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