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June 2024



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Rumen Health and Rumen Acidosis Dairy Insight

The rumen is a complex fermentation vat which, through muscular contractions and a careful balance of microorganisms, breaks down the plant cell walls into volatile fatty acids and then passes the semi-digested feed on to the rest of the digestive tract.

This Dairy Insight explores the importance of monitoring

rumen function with particular reference to acidosis and

highlights how early corrective treatment can improve

overall herd performance.



Kingshay Products & Services


Analysing your grass before cutting for silage is cheap and easy to do. This is a good way to ensure you have the facts, so that you can cut at the right time to help prevent silage quality and cow performance becoming an issue next winter.



Putting slurry on your aftermath? The nutrient value for Organic manures will vary significantly depending on where the manure comes from as well as how it is stored and handled.

It's not a case of always going by the book (RB209)… find out the real value of your slurry or manure. Regularly analysing your organic manures just before application can save you money on bagged fertiliser.

Visit www. for our full range of analysis.


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