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December 2020



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Make savings this Christmas on the Jenquip EC20 Plate Meter…..


Save £60 on the Jenquip EC20 Plate Meter

The Jenquip EC20 has both Bluetooth and GPS technology – at the end of your paddock walk, data is sent straight to your phone, and can be uploaded to Agrinet. What will you chose to do with the time you save?


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Antibiotic Update  - dairy insight

Antibiotics (AB) have played a major role in the health and welfare of cattle; they are vital for the treatment and control of bacterial infections. The increasing emergence of antimicrobial resistance in human medicine led the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2014 to categorise antimicrobials used in human health as ‘critically important’, ‘highly important’ and ‘important’.

Whilst the use of antibiotics in farm animals has continued to fall (use has dropped by over 50% since 2014), they have persisted to come under heightened scrutiny. This dairy insight looks at the changes in AB usage since the introduction of the RUMA targets in 2017, summarises the new EMA categories and reviews the new RUMA targets for dairy.

december checklist

  • Winter Proofing Calves
  • Managing Excess Grass
  • Preventing Lameness over Winter
  • Cold Weather Preparation
  • Timely Tips
  • Key Dates & Milk Price Trends


December is the perfect month for carrying out soil analysis -
Remember to allow 12 weeks between any slurry/manure application and soil sampling.

The results of the analysis can be used to inform your decisions. Analysing at this time of year allows you to prepare your fertiliser regime, increase plant growth and yields, as well as managing costs.