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August 2019
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Dairy Manager Latest Results


Kingshay’s dairy manager herds continue to show a steady 4% increase in average milk prices for June 2019 compared to June 2018 (28.05ppl compared to 27.02ppl last year). June monthly margins per litre are continuing to show a positive increase by 4% to 20.99 ppl and margins per cow up 8% to £145 per cow. Concentrate prices are still rising in price this month, £237 per tonne for June 2019 compared to £228 per tonne in June 2018. Graph 1

Milk yields increased by 3% in June 2019, to 26.9 l/cow/day compared to June 2018. The graph highlights monthly changes to daily milk yields compared to the previous year. Each month has seen an increase, compared  to the same month in the previous year since September 2018, although the monthly change in milk yield started to drop in May 2019.

Graph 2Concentrate use was similar at 7.4 kg per cow per day or 0.28kg/litre compared to June 2018. Milk from forage was considerably higher by 10% at 10.9 l/cow/day compared to June 2018, reversing the recent trend as illustrated in the graph below.

The rolling margins (MOPF) for the year ending June 2019 averaged 20.7ppl or £1,741 per cow. These were similar to last year, due to an increase in feed costs, despite higher milk prices.

Other rolling trends for the year ending June 2019 include -

  • Average herd size increased by 2% to 204 cows in herd.
  • Yields averaged 8,410 litres per cow, a 2.3% increase on last year.
  • Milk from forage increased by 5.5% to 2,583 litres per cow.
  • Cell counts remained low at 162 (‘000), an increase on 157 (‘000).
  • Milk price up slightly to 29.14ppl.
  • Purchased feed costs of 8.44ppl were 7.8% higher than last year, with concentrate prices averaging £243/tonne compared to £222/tonne.


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More in depth analysis of herds using Kingshay’s costings service can be found in Kingshay’s Dairy Costings Focus Report or call 01458 851555 for more details. 

Analyse your Profit Manager results for the year ending March 2019 now -

  • Proportion costs to the Dairy Enterprise
  • Analyse the true costs of production for your herd

If you are interested in analysing and comparing your herd’s figures with other similar herds, give us a call on 01458 851555. More details of this simple and easy-to-use service can be found HERE