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Antimicrobial Monitoring Service

Antimicrobial stewardship is an increasingly important part of proactive herd health management - we now provide reports for Dairy, Beef and Sheep. There are monthly, quarterly and annual analysis options to identify trends based on records of antimicrobial purchases from your vet. These farmer friendly, clear and concise reports provide:

  • A summary of antimicrobial purchases for your farm
  • Monitor against RUMA targets and compare to similar units
  • Highlights use of Critically Important Antimicrobials
  • Meets all Red Tractor Assurance requirements
  • Facilitates discussions with your vet to develop your antimicrobial use strategy

Antimicrobial Reports include:

  • Antimicrobial Summary Report
  • Antimicrobial Purchases Report

More details of the Antimicrobial reports are shown below with examples.

Antimicrobial Summary Report

A summary of Antimicrobial purchases with details broken down by antimicrobial class.

  • Data compared to the group average and a target range.
  • Summary of how antimicrobials are administered e.g. Injectable, Lactating or Dry Cow Tubes.
  • Summary of Dry Cow Therapy.



Antimicrobial Purchases Report

A list of Antimicrobial products purchased in year, with a summary of total tubes or ml purchased.

  • This informs on farm discussions between the farmer & vet, based on accurate data
  • CIAs are highlighted in red.


To download a review form, please click Dairy Antimicrobial Review Form or Beef and Sheep Antimicrobial Review Form.

Antimicrobial Monitor is also available as a stand alone service

For more information on Antimicrobial Monitoring, contact Kingshay on 01458 851555 or