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Maize Starter Fertiliser

The purpose of applying starter fertiliser is to encourage early development.

Phosphate (P) can only move up to 1mm in the soil so it is important that in low P index situations or where soils are cold, a starter P fertiliser is applied to stimulate rooting, in order that the young plant can reach the nutrients in the soil and maximise growth. The objective of the trial is to look at the different starter P fertilisers available on the market on an intermediate site. We will be looking at the early stages of plant growth to see what effects the different products have on the crop. The site has low P indices so the results will be clear and the different products have the maximum potential to have an effect.

The most commonly used starter phosphate fertilisers for maize are MAP (12:52:0) and DAP (16:46:0). This trial looks at MAP full rate & half rate as well as other commercially available fertilisers, including the granular products Kicka and Accelerator and the micro-granular products Turbo Seed, Umostart and Physiostart, against a negative control of no starter fertiliser. Our weekly monitoring has already identified differences in root development and plant height between treatments.

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